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East-Harju Partnership covers the territory of three municipalities – Anija, Kose and Raasiku. The goal of the Ida-Harju Cooperative is to support the local initiative of Raasiku, Anija and Kose based on the needs and interests of the region. Also, to prepare and implement the region’s strategy based on the partnership of three different sectors (public, private and non-profit sector).

The activity group was created on August 13, 2008 by 14 founding members. As of November 2023, the action group has 50 members.

By the year 2030 we hope that East-Harju area is a valued and safe living environment that is characterized by versatile entrepreneurship, good leisure opportunities, capable communities and effective collaboration. The region is well-known all over Estonia in terms of recreational opportunities.

Based on the vision and focus, four goals have been established in the 2023-2027 strategy:

  1. The quality of the living environment in the region has increased, as has sports, culture and leisure possibilities diversified.
  2. The region has versatile and sustainable entrepreneurship, local products and the number and volume of services has increased, and their availability has improved.
  3. Self-initiative and capacity of the communities in the region has increased, there are more community initiatives, and the community identity has strengthened.
  4. The region is characterized by systematic cooperation in both the business and tourism sectors as well as in the development of the living environment and communities.

Number of Local Action Group members: 50 (as of 01.11.2023)
Population of the region: 19494
Territory: 1224,7 km²


MTÜ Ida-Harju Koostöökoda/ East-Harju Partnership NGO
Tallinna mnt 24, Aruküla
75201 Harjumaa
Phone: +372 56 945 871

In case of interest, please contact the communications manager/ project advisor Anne-Mai Helemäe or +372 56 945 871.